Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kabbi Compare ensures that it can complete passenger bookings using the minimum information. In some instance, data is retained due to legality reasons, and to enhance the experience of the customer.

Data is collected regarding analytics which allows for improvements to be made to the website technically, as well as enriching the customer experience. This information can include approximate location, type of browser and length of visit.

Customer profiles are created consisting of the passenger’s full name, address, telephone number and email address. This allows the contract to be created and ensures communication can be carried out.

Data relating to payments will be retained to ensure that the contract is completed. In some instances, further information may be used to carry out background checks to lessen the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

The use of customer transaction data is avoided in correspondence. Should there be an instanced where transaction data is captured, Kabbi Compare will ensure that the information s purged from the system.

Personal data may be processed should Kabbi Compare need to defend its entity legally.

The personal data captured is only retained to complete the customer request, and Kabbi Compare will ensure that data is handled in the right way and that any procedures used in relation to the data is done so to limit the level of risk to customers.

Customers have the right to request the removal of their data or provide copies of the data held. Kabbi Compare, and this request is carried out within 30 days at no cost to the passenger.

Although Kabbi Compare will do its best to carry out customer requests in relation to the retrieval and/or deletion of data can be restricted in some in some instances due to legal requirements.

In some instances, the use of data can be integral to Kabbi Compare carrying out its service. If data is removed, it could hinder the service meaning that cancellation must be put in place. If this is the case, then the booking would be subject to the cancellation process.

Journey data is retained for one year as per the legal obligations of a Private Hire Operator. After this time, the journey data will be removed automatically.

Data relating to correspondence is held for 18 months and will be deterred automatically after this time. Transaction data is held for six years from the end of the last tax period to ensure compliance with the Finance Act of 1988, Schedule 18, Part 2, Section 21(2.)