Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used by Kabbi Compare to ensure that it can offer the best experience for customers making a booking. Cookies will only be used once the user has given permission and allows for a more tailored experience when making a booking.

Cookies are pieces of text sent by your web browser to different websites. Websites now need to advise customers that cookies are being collected and gain the authorisation of the user before collecting any form of user information.

The cookies used fall into two areas, which are “persistent” and “session” cookies. Persistent cookies will look to make the booking process more streamline on a return visit, while session cookies will ensure that information is retained to make the completing of a booking possible.

Customers have the right to refuse or delete these cookies if they wish.

Different cookies are used to determine which pages are being used, and this information will the be used to update its procedures to ensure it can be tailored to consumer needs. Once data has been for analytical purposes, it will be purged from the system.

An example of the cookies used are outlined as follows:

  • _ga: This is used for Google Analytics to distinguish users.
  • gac_: This cookie relates to any information in relation to a campaign (i.e. Adwords)
  • _dc_gtm_UA-: Identities users by age, gender or interests.
  • __utma: Used to distinguish users and web sessions.
  • _utmt: Throttles request rate.
  • _utmb: Helps webmasters determine new visits and sessions.
  • _utmz: Stores information detailing how a use reached a website.
  • _utmv: Stores visitor-level custom data.
  • CDSDevice: Stores data of Google Analytics.
  • CDSSession: As above.
  • CONSENT: Google Cookie Consent policy cookie.

Users of the website have the right to delete or refuse cookies, but it should be noted that if this is done, it could result in some services not working, and certain elements of the website not displaying as they should.