How do we enter our prices?

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You must add a ‘Cost per mile’. This would depend on how much you would like to charge a customer per mile.

You can also add a ‘Night time rate’. Once you have entered your night time rate and saved the page, you can select the time you would like your night time rate to begin by going to the ‘Availability’ section and scrolling down.

You can also add a base rate. For example, you may have a set rate in a certain area. If a customer is looking to place a booking for a taxi and the journey is only 3 miles and your base rate is £10 for up to 3 miles then the customer will be charged only this amount. If your base rate is £10 for up to 3 miles and the customer requires a taxi for 5 miles, the cost of the booking will be £10 (3 miles) plus your cost per mile. If your cost per mile is £3.50 then the total cost of the fare would be £17.00 for 5 miles.