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Are you a ‘last minute’ person who books a taxi at the last minute although you knew you required a taxi? Worry not as you’re definitely not the only person doing this. We now live in an Era where you can find and book a taxi online within minutes. Here at Kabbi Compare we always recommended that you book in advance to avoid any disappointment on the day. Not only this, but that can be one of your daily errands out of the way with.

With Kabbi Compare you can book a taxi using your computer, your mobile phone and even through our app. You can book a taxi at any time of the day and from anywhere in the World at your own comfort. The perks of booking a taxi online, you can book at any time without having to pick up your phone and calling every taxi company in your area. With Kabbi Compare, you can book an airport taxi or even a cheap local taxi no matter where you are.

Book Your Cab Online with Kabbi Compare

The benefits of booking online with Kabbi Compare, you can find the cheapest and most reliable taxi or mini cab no matter where you are. If you’ve boarded your flight and you’re are on your way to your destination, you can now go online on to Kabbi Compare website and search for the cheapest mini cab you require or even a taxi of your own choice.

Kabbi Compare is an online mini cab price comparison website where you can find the cheapest and quickest form of transport i.e. mini cab or taxi.

If you book taxis on a daily basis, why not let Kabbi Compare handle this for you. By registering and creating an online account with Kabbi Compare, you can pre-book a taxi using your computer, your mobile phone or even through our Kabbi Compare app. You can book the same journey several times, this saves you from entering the same details in every time. This method is a lot easier than calling several different taxi companies trying to see if you can get a taxi at a specific time, especially when you require it at a peak time. By pre-booking a taxi online, you can be rest assured that your taxi will get to you for the time you have booked it.

By booking your taxi online, you can view, download and print all your bookings through your online ‘Account’. You can also liaise with us directly through your account and discuss any bookings that you have made or want to make.